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Monday, April 25, 2005

400 Channels and nothings on?!?

When I was growing up, we were one of the few people being left behind by the cable television craze. We didn't get full-time cable until I was like 13 I think. That meant anytime I wanted to watch Bozo the Clown and the GI Joe cartoon on the great WGN Superstation, that meant I had to go all the way to my boy David's house. While it wasn't a case of my parents being techno-phobes (my dad was one of the first to bring home the wonder that was the Beta-max video player complete with remote control with 8-foot wire), no it was more of a protection against the hedonism of MTV which I'm sure they believed controlled everything on the cable box.

Well, eventually we eroded their parental need for protection, and the beauty of 60 channels graced our television. Well, 59 actually because my parents were able to comfort themselves by having MTeVil blocked out with a filter. Thus, their cherubs were kept unsoiled from the likes of Pauly Shore, Kurt Loder, MTV Raps and the like. (How do I know about them anyway? Thanks David!)

Why bring this up now? Because I now have digital cable. Yes, part of me would like to think that I have done the whole cool rebellion thing and gone completely overboard with what my parents denied me. But, apparently I am the child of my parents because I have digital cable, without premium channels. HBO? no. Bravo Network? sure. Showtime? no. The Game Show Network? of course. Cinemax? Absolutely not. Noggin? Certainly. The cool channels that carry every single live sporting event from around the world, 24/7? No, not here. The Black College Football Classic Channel? Yep, right here.

So while I may pay the extra $50 a month to have 400 channels, its back to ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX to see what's on tonight. You could say that when it comes to cable tv, I ponied up the big bucks for the wonder that is the Beta-max. My dad would be proud.


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