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Saturday, May 28, 2005

The fruits of the channel search

Just wanted to write a little about what I’ve seen on TV recently.

***SPOILER ALERT**** If you haven’t seen the season finale of LOST, and you care, please don’t read on.

I watched the season finale of LOST and, it revealed nothing. Disappointing? Not really. Normally, I would be hacked off that a season finale that was so pumped up, on a show where “everything has been leading to” something, didn’t actually solve anything. But they did a pretty good job with this one. While I would certainly like all of the secrets of the island and its inhabitants to be revealed already, I realize that that would mean the end of the show. So, yes, you’ve hooked me until next fall.

There is another show on that I have become very pleased with. “Meet the Barkers” on MTV. Now, I’m not generally one to watch MTV programming much, I guess I’m still a little bitter that they don’t actually play videos anymore. But, I happen to catch this one the other night during my brief bachelor-hood, and I was pleasantly surprised. Background: Travis Barker is the Mohawk drummer for punk rock band Blink-182 (a pretty cool band) and has married Shanna Moakler, former Miss USA and now an actress. Shanna has a 6-yr old daughter and the two have a 2-yr old son. The show is a reality show that just follows them around during their everyday lives. To me, this is a mix between the Nick and Jessica show and the Osbournes, but this beats both of them in my book. Why? Because it is so much more real and genuine. Travis and Shanna really seem to like each other and they seem to have such a normal relationship. It is really cool to watch them interact. She is not stupid like Jessica, he actually cares for his family unlike Nick, and they aren’t in love with themselves like that whole Osbourne clan.

I know there are probably lots of people (actually there aren’t lots of people that will ever read this) who will think that this is way out of left field for me to be commenting on. But you know what? It is really nice to see a couple who may not look “normal” act completely normal. In my opinion, we could use more “normal” people in this world.


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