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Monday, May 09, 2005

The Gauntlet has been tossed!

Oh, she's done it now.

My dear sweet wife has tossed the proverbial gauntlet.

In one of her latest blog entries she has dared to question the relevance of Mr. Alton Brown and "Good Eats", minute for minute the MOST informative show on television. Why would someone waste their time watching a show about cooking food that they will never prepare, she wonders.

Take that back!

Before I begin to defend that which is "Good Eats", I will first attack and discredit the critic, as is the American way. (Sorry honey, but all's fair in love and blogs.)

My wife questioned the appeal for this show when it is she who believes that our cable television line-up consists of Home and Garden TV and some other stuff to fill in when they are rerunning the same show for the 3rd time. She is the one who is on a first name basis with every designer, seamstress and carpenter on that channel. She is the one who would walk into a room with a TV on and change it to channel 54 strictly out of habit without even looking. She is the one who will mention half way through a show, that she has already seen this one, but not make any moves to change the channel. She's the one who can quote design styles and tastes of these people on the shows that, by the way, all happen to be set in LA or Canada for some reason. Apparently there's no real good designing going on in Arizone, Georgia or Illinois. But I digress.

So why do I mention these things? Well her "hang-up" with my desire to better myself and learn the intricacies and interesting facts about the cooking and food preparing world is that I will never use this information. Acccording to her, my skills in the kitchen are limited to heating up fish sticks and corndogs. Well, to her I say, just when are you going to use all the crap that there showing on that channel? At some point, it boils down to picking a color and painting. Ooooh, big secret. And while I am at it, what service do these design shows actually provide? Maybe at some point it may have been helpful to learn how to decorate a room "on a budget", but it has gotten completely ridiculous. Notice I used " " around "on a budget," that's because that is the most unbellievable statement on television, outside of "reality TV". I could decorate the hell out of a bedroom for only $1,000, provided you give me the free expert labor of two carpenters, a professional designer, 27 production assistants to do the set-up, clean-up and painting, oh and all the contacts at the supply stores that give me stuff for free for only mentioning their names. Yeah, that is useful information to us here in the real world.

The difference with "Good Eats"? Alton Brown fixes meals that I have heard of, using ingredients I could go to the store and buy (he even shows the stores where he buys stuff), and he gives useful information along the way. No, I may not get up and fix every meal that he instructs (why would I when I have 3 kids to feed that won't eat anything that doesn't begin with Mc), but I am bettered by watching it.

And that my friends, is "Good Eats".


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