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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs?

“Be ye not a seeker of signs,” so goes the spiritual counsel. Well, I guess maybe I can be found guilty of that occasionally, but it is for good reason. As a faithful and prayerful person, I am looking for answers to said prayers. I have had enough experiences to know that those answers don’t always come to your ears. And since the big red phone on the wall that is connected to the man upstairs hasn’t rung lately, I do try to keep my eyes open to possible answers in the things that are going on around me.

Case in point:

As I have described, things at the old salt mines weren’t going so well. In fact, recently I was at a very pivotal and crucial point. I had to re-evaluate my situation. I had come to the realization that some changes needed to be made, but I’d decided that these changes need to be made to me internally and that I was just going to have to work harder to make this work. I was not to the point where I was looking for an out. However, then the “alternative” entered the equation. Was this a sign? Perhaps.

Friday night, Erika and I are enjoying a romantic night at Wal-mart (yeah, try to keep up with us!) As we are pushing our buggy, we pass a guy that I recognize. Immediately, the thought process begins (and we’ve all gone through this): Hey, I know him. Do I say “Hi”? Do I just give the nod? Do I ignore him thinking he wouldn’t recognize me? Well, usually, I take the last option, because people don’t usually recognize me and it prevents some uncomfortable situations. But for some reason, I give the nod and a wave. Sure enough, he recognizes me, and comes over. He was a casual acquaintance that I had at my previous job and was now the head of HR at another place. He asked how things were going at my new job and I told him, sure things were great. (I’m going to hell for more than just lying) He then asked if I was interested in making a switch b/c he was about to fill an opening that he thought I’d be really good for. I told him it was doubtful b/c I was making a pretty good living where I was. When he said he could probably make it worth my while to make the switch, that’s when this became very interesting.

Now, was it a coincidence that this guy happens to run into us on a Friday night at Wal-mart (when everyone knows we go to Wal-mart on Saturday night!), in the middle of my job quandary and make me an offer that meshes the best of both worlds from my current and former employers?

A sign? Is this guy a messenger? Or am I possibly reading a whole lot into a rather benign incident? Whatever it is/was, it did accomplish two things: it was a great confidence boost that someone would actually think of me for a job and think I could do it (and this was definitely a time when I needed a boost), and it gave me the courage to make a change with a fallback plan. I guess how it all turns out will determine from whence this message came.


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